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Election 2015:So Far…Everything Is Still Standing

Well, the unthinkable just happened in my province last Tuesday.  Alberta; reliable, stodgy, conservative, Alberta turfed our Tory government after 44 years in power and replaced them with a socialist government.

You would think being a speculative fiction writer, such scenarios would have come to mind as possible.  In truth, I did briefly entertain the possibility that the New Democrats would make gains; maybe even spank the Tories by putting them into a minority government.  But nobody expected them to form a majority!

To say that panic was running amok in the Oilpatch downtown in Calgary would be an understatement.  Piling this on top of the current oilpocalypse being experienced and I could only imagine how many over paid executives were thinking about jumping out of their high-rise windows and crashing onto their BMWs.

AND YET?  The sun still came up on Wednesday and life went on.  The truth be told, this province needed a change to shake it out of complacency.  So we now have a leftist government…get over it and move on, people. Fortunately, we live in a democracy, paid for by the blood and lives of many brave men and women.  If you don’t like what these guys do, give them the boot at the ballot box. Just don’t take another 44 years to do it, okay?

It is said that truth can be stranger than fiction. I think that was proved here last Tuesday. Had I written a story about it, nobody would have believed it possible, even for speculative fiction!

Pax Vobiscum