The UEF Scimitar

I “create” spaceships all the time in my books. I give them interesting names and set them off to do their thing as a supporting character in my stories. But after watching shows like The Expanse, or Firefly or Star Trek or…(insert your favourite), I wanted to see my ships in more than my imagination.

With the help of a 3D rendering program called Blender, I tried my hand at designing my own spaceship.

The result is the the UEF Scimitar.

Scimitar, of course, is the featured starship in my Shattered Empire series. It takes a beating, but keeps on ticking. If you look close you can see the railgun and the dark energy cannon that the Glenatat super-race installed in book 1 to help Hayden Kaine and his crew fight off the seemingly unstoppable Malliac threat.

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