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Requiem’s Run Book 1 Sample Chapter

We crouched in tense silence, listening to the sounds of our attackers as they methodically advanced toward our position from opposite sides of the cargo bay.

My attention was drawn to something behind Chambers.

“Can you reach that red case?”

He turned to the suitcase sized object leaning against the storage rack.

With great caution, he reached toward it and I half anticipated his hand would be torn off by another spray of gunfire. When his fingers went unnoticed, he grabbed the case and dragged it between us. I pried open the latch and opened it.

Chambers looked confused by what it contained. “A medical defibrillator?”

“Well, you didn’t bring a gun, did you?”

“You need to be up close and personal to make use of that thing.”

“Me? I don’t think so.” I handed him the paddles and the charge pack.

He frowned. “Fine, but you’re the bait, Doctor.”

Suddenly my brilliant plan didn’t seem so clever.

Slipping around me to the storage racks, he squeezed into a shallow depression between them.

A footfall sounded metres away, out of sight.

“What should I do?” I could barely control my shaking.

“Distract him.”

Desperately, I searched about for something — anything that would protect me. Finding nothing, I removed my jacket and pulled my shirt over my head. While reaching behind me to undo my bra, I caught sight of Chambers watching. Scowling, I tossed the garment aside, and turned to expose my naked breasts to my approaching assassin.

A heavy set, balding man with tattoos running up his neck came into view. He levelled his weapon at me. Astonishment crossed his face for the brief seconds before Chambers emerged from the shadows and pressed both paddles to the man’s torso. Our would be killer’s eyes rolled to the back of his skull and his body convulsed before he went limp.

Chambers grabbed the gun and retreated to the storage racks, listening for the second gunman. Almost reflexively, his eyes darted to my now covered breasts. He smiled and shrugged.

​Requiem's Run Book 1 is available November 16