Mars Quiz Answers

​Thanks for taking the Mars Quiz

​In case you are curious about the correct answers, here they are...

  • Mars is the Fourth planet from the sun
  • Mars is a terrestrial planet (for full marks). It is also the name of pop singer, Bruno Mars (for half marks)
  • Mars is smaller than Earth
  • Only 16 of the 39 Mars missions have been successful
  • Mars is visible from Earth with the naked eye
  • Fragments of Mars have been found on Earth
  • LIfe has NOT been found on Mars
  • Mars take 687 days to orbit the sun
  • Mars has two moons (Deimos and Phobos)
  • Mars has no magnetic field
  • Mars has polar icecaps
  • Mars' atmosphere is composed mostly of carbon dioxide
  • Mars has no surface water but the atmosphere contains water vapour
  • Humans have not yet set foot on Mars