​Kaine's Reparation: Sample Chapter co​​​​ntinued...

A plasma burst bloomed metres from his port side. They did not miss. They were forcing him in a particular direction to capture him.

Like a defiant child, Hayden pushed his acceleration to the upper limit of his endurance and veered to the left. Once he escaped the atmosphere, the advantage should become his.

His drop ship was not designed for evasive combat moves. The modifications after the last few close encounters were welcome, but they were proving insufficient for the hostility he now encountered.

Another blast shook his small craft. That one had hit his armoured hull. They were no longer interested in capturing him.

A quick perusal of his readouts told him the enhanced armour held up to whatever they were throwing at him, but Hayden was pretty sure they hadn’t yet pulled out their big guns.

As the air thinned in his upward climb, his pursuers dropped back, having reached the limits of their ability to follow him. The familiar tug of gravity lessened, and he heaved a sigh of relief. After adjusting his course heading to take him to his rendezvous, he glanced at the object responsible for all the drama. It was only as big as his palm, and those who dispatched the interceptors had no clue what it was, or that it even existed.

As far as they knew, he was a raider caught trespassing in their salvage yard. Stealing junk from decommissioned ships wasn’t an offence worthy of the fuss they were putting up, but as Hayden had learned, isolation made people more covetous of any old technology. There was no way to replace anything, so old parts were particularly valuable. Most of the worlds he had visited guarded everything jealously, and few took kindly to strangers poking about.

It had taken months to confirm their target was located here and weeks longer to figure out the ship they sought was mothballed and scheduled to be cut up for parts. He was fortunate they hadn’t begun the task, which allowed him to board and locate the innocuous component.

As soon as he got back to Scimitar and handed his contraband over to the engineers, his role in the scavenger hunt would be completed. Others could do their part and maybe—just maybe—humanity would have a chance.

An alarm sounded, and Hayden’s sensor panel lit up with a proximity warning. Four patrol ships had broken orbit and were on fast approach.


They are coming…

A scattered humanity has no defence...

One last hope remains, but the cost may be too high…

Human civilization is in chaos. With the collapse of the interstellar jump network the empire is in no position to defend themselves from the encroaching Malliac horde.

Hayden Kaine and the crew of the Scimitar discover an alien relic that offers one final hope...

Faced with a terrible dilemma, they risk everything in a last ditch effort to prevent the extinction of humanity. But when everything goes horribly wrong, the existence of the universe itself may be the price to pay for meddling with technology beyond their understanding.

Find our what happens in this thrilling space opera adventure.

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